SQL Server Database Projects in Visual Studio

Learn about SQL Server Database Projects in Visual Studio with this free Lunch & Learn by Paul Irwin, Chief Engineer at feature[23].

Topics covered include:
  • Problems with other approaches for database source control and migrations, including manual scripting and EF migrations
  • Creating a new Database Project in Visual Studio and how to avoid mistakes
  • How to target Azure SQL Database from Database Projects, and how to easily deploy Database Projects with an Azure workflow
  • Build warnings and errors in Database Projects
  • Tips and tricks for publishing database projects to existing databases
  • Creating new objects in your database project
  • Working with pre- and post-deployment scripts
  • Refactoring your database
  • Source control of your database schema with branching and merging in Git


*UPDATE: Hi viewers, the presenter of this lunch & learn, Paul Irwin, made a comment that software developers should not be using linked servers or cross-database queries in general, let alone in their database projects. I still stand by this comment for greenfield database design. But, not having encountered those in a database project before, I did not know if it was possible or not. I later went to research and found the Add Database Reference dialog which allows you to do both of those scenarios.

Here is more information, hope this helps: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj684584(v=vs.103).aspx