Forbes: feature[23]'s Software Quality Analysis & Measurement product a Top Disruption at Collision Conference 2016

A few weeks ago, the Docio leadership team attended the premier software conference, Collision, where technology leaders from around the world descended on New Orleans for four days with 11,380 other attendees.

When I attend Collision, the reason I come is that I’m looking to get a glimpse of the future. I know that they’re pulling together thousands of smart people, all of whom are inventing the future.
Josh Elman, Greylock Partners

Docio was chosen to participate from tens of thousands of global startups narrowed down to the 630 exhibiting product companies. It was a rigorous selection process where the conference team sought out the most promising startups for one-on-one access to investors, workshops, mentors and meetings with some of the biggest companies in the world.

Forbes Magazine recognizes disruptive tech

Docio was 1 of 8 software products singled out where the journalist focused on the viability of the business model having a "good shot at disrupting our market":

Game-changing companies executing their software engineering transformations must first be focused on managing digital disruption with insight-driven decision making... delivering business value quickly with agility and effective leadership.

Docio is an evolutionary and revolutionary paradigm shift to the state-of-the-art of software business management that will change how the world builds, governs, and invests in software innovation.

Quick Facts

Annual Collision Conference 2016

April 26-28, 2016

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA USA