feature[23] helps Olympian with web software and iOS mobile application

Published on the Jacksonville Business Journal, January 2014, by reporter Colleen Michele Jones, "feature[23] helps Olympian 'jump into deep end' with app".

Software consulting firm feature[23] has helped Olympic medalist Charlie Houchin develop a web and mobile app that brings swimming into the 21st century.

The web and iOS app, called Meet Central from HydroXphere, launched in the Apple app store. The brainchild of Houchin, who was part of the gold medal-winning team at the London 2012 Olympics, the web software and mobile app is aimed at making neighborhood summer youth swim clubs run more efficiently.

"Working with feature[23] has been a positive experience. The team challenges us in ways that helps HydroXphere stay focused on the primary problem we are solving. I have been impressed at their ability to help my business. They invest significant time in understanding our business and are committed to thoroughly understanding our client's problems also. It is refreshing. As a start-up company, this was our first attempt at creating a relationship with a product design and software engineering firm. Fortunately, we chose well and feature[23] continues to provide value beyond the technology deliverables. From design to coding and strategy, they are always helping us make sure we are executing in the most optimal way." -Charlie Houchin, CEO, HydroXphere