2016 Jacksonville BizTech Innovation: Software Portfolio Analytics Is A Game Changer

Published on the Digital Docent Blog, September 2016, by Docio (feature[23]'s product) for being recognized as "Jacksonville's Most Innovative Tech Product".

Docio's cloud-based Software Governance Platform™, an Integrated Software Business Management, Application Portfolio Intelligence, and Software Development Analytics Software-as-a-Service from feature[23], was recognized by the Jacksonville Business Journal as Jacksonville's 2016 Most Innovative Technology Product.

Jacksonville-based product design and engineering services company feature[23] wanted to provide a better customer experience for their clients to have a clear and quick way to measure the effectiveness of their software initiatives. The creation of Docio's Software Governance Platform™ gave feature[23]'s CIO and Technologist clients real-time information and analytics about all of the software they were using so they could better lead the business.

"Each year, the Jacksonville Business Journal honors companies in the area that make use of technology in new and innovative ways. Our winners include pure technology companies as well as businesses for whom technology is becoming an increasingly important part of what they do."

"Jacksonville has fought for years to grow its technology ecosystem and can now boost a variety of companies exploring new approaches in health care, finance and other fields. These honorees showcase the creativity and cutting edge thinking that is possible on the First Coast."

- Jacksonville Business Journal

Docio allows its customers the ability to get to market faster with new initiatives and gives them a competitive advantage over other businesses, said Mike Potts, CEO.

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“Docio provides information in business terms, instead of software engineering terms,” said Potts. “Docio gives [companies] the same visibility in software capabilities that they have in their other assets… it’s an analytics tool for their entire software portfolio. We look at it as the MINT.com for your software portfolio.”

Technology leaders now have the opportunity to identify software risks, measure operational efficiency and operate at software governance requirements – all through the Docio platform. On average, Docio creates a productivity savings of between three to 10 hours per developer, per week, the company said.

“What was a reactive problem for our CIOs and Technology Leaders is now a proactive opportunity,” Potts said. “They were always reacting in the rearview mirror. Now they’re looking ahead.”

Quick Facts

The BizTech Innovation awards aim to identify and acknowledge the substantive gains Jacksonville area businesses are making in the ways they are developing, employing and utilizing technology for their own companies and/or their clients. Honorees have made significant achievements within one or more of the BizTech categories within the past year. Honorees have strong records of innovation and/or outstanding performance and are actively involved within the local business community.

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