2014 Jacksonville BizTech Innovation: Collaborative Software for Supply Chain Forecasting

When the Jacksonville-based software engineering firm feature[23] teamed up with graduate students from Florida State University's logistics program, they created first-of-its-kind software for a client, Beaver Street Fisheries Inc.

"Beaver Street Fisheries needed a software that gave them the capability to better forecast production of seafood," Mike Potts, co-founder and CEO of feature[23], explained. "As they gain new customers, it's become very important for them to understand how to keep up with the demand."

Potts said feature[23] leaned on the FSU students to create a forecasting baseline that they would then build the software with.

"Clients aren't always open to students working on things that are vital to their future and often it doesn't work out because business moves faster than curriculum, but in this case the relationship worked perfectly," Potts said. "These students did a phenomenal job on this project."

Potts said Beaver Street Fisheries is currently testing the software and together they're working on how to make improvements before putting it into action.

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