2013 Jacksonville BizTech Innovation: Big Data Software Creates Instant Market Intelligence

The 2013 Jacksonville BizTech Innovation Awards aim to identify and acknowledge the substantive gains Jacksonville, FL area businesses are making in the ways they are developing, employing and utilizing technology and software for their companies and their clients.

Two Jacksonville, FL tech companies, InfoTech International and feature[23], join forces to collaborate on a big data and machine learning analytics platform for the construction industry – primarily for the material suppliers – for customers at companies like Firestone, BASF, and Owens Corning.

Manufacturers of construction materials are now able to understand exactly where their products are being used and what their market share is instant, thanks to a collaboration between InfoTech International and feature[23].

“They had a legitimate need that was not being served,” said Jack Caven, CEO of InfoTech. “We looked at the problem. It looked extremely difficult and was interesting from a creative, engineering and revenue point of view. We joked that it was ‘almost impossible'. But, we knew it would make such a big difference, they would be happy to buy.”

The software crunches enormous amounts of data from business information provider Reed Elsevier, including project plans, blueprints and specifications and then displays it in easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and maps.

The software's sales have doubled every eight months since the software-as-a-service subscription went live.


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